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LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Zumba Zumba & more Zumba

A while back about one year ago stared Zumba class with a couple of friends. We had such a great time well at least I did. The drive to the gym where my classes where was so far about 30 min away  to top it all off I had to be there about 30 before class actually stared because it will just get so full. Even thought I loved the classes I just stopped going and yes you guessed it was all laziness .about 8 weeks I took a really good look in the mirror after coming back from a romantic trip with my boyfriend. I really couldn't believe that I had let go my self be so out of shape, I have always been a big girl but this was just too much because even thought I have always been a bog girl I have never been this lazy and had lived such a non-active life. I was so out of breath just to walk down the hall. It was so scary so that was it for me i need a change asap!!!! So that's where all begin I don't plan to be a size 2 not even a size 12. All I'm really looking for is to be healthy and active. Might have got little off track there lol... Back to zumba since I really didn't want to take that long drive to my classes I stared doing zumba on the wii I have to admit it was fun but after a little while it got kind of boring , them my amazing Boyfriend bought me the zumba DVD set . OMG!! I'm so addicted to it . The first night i got the package I did about 3 hours of it and I still wanted to do more :-) but my poor body was hurting. Ever since I have been doing about 2 hours daily except on the weekends since that's the only time I get to spend with my boyfriend and family. I love dancing and feel like finally found something I love to do as a work out.
What do you like to do for fun that can be a good work out?

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Just the beginning!

It’s been a month that I have taken this new challenge. I must admit I have done really well I work out 5 times week. The most challenging part has been the eating better part; I have been doing good but not great :-). I guess it will just take time to change the life style; I have completely giving up SODA! I have not had diet coke in about 6 weeks. Let me just add that I would drink about 6 a day so to me this is a great achievement in my challenged. In One month I have lost 12.8 pounds Yay!!! To some people it might not be much but to be has been a great achievement :-). Also I have been able to see the changes on my face and my pants are a little more loose. Working out gives me so much energy I no longer feel drowsy or lazy when I get off work. Everyone around me compliments me on how happy I look and it sure feels great.