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Friday, October 28, 2011

Weight In

I should start this blogg with a confession so here it goes my food intake was not the best this week and my lack of motivation kept me away from all my work outs. Ok so we got that out in the open.  I have never been so scared of the scale in my life. It might sound silly but it’s all true. I kept walking back and forward in front of it and kept saying to my self gosh all this hard work for nothing all this hard work to have such a horrible week. So yes I finally did it. Waiting at this point I had to close my eyes. In my mind I said here goes nothing so I opened my eyes one at it time there is was the numbers I was so scared. To my surprise I had lost weight I was 5 pounds lighter..... There was no way I had lost 5 pounds.... so I got off the scale and jumped on it again yes there it was I had lost a total of 5 pounds... I was so happy jumping up and downs doing the happy dance I know it was silly but 5 pounds is a lot because usually I lose 2 to 1 pound in 2 weeks. Or like my doctors said it healthy to lose 2 to 3 pounds ever 2 weeks... So you can imagine how happy this made me. For some old reason it brought my motivation back now I feel more motivated to keep going keep fighting towards my goal. Yesterday I kept asking my self I need motivation I need the determination to keep me focus on  this weight loss journey .Today I got just that My determination is back and I'm going to achieve my goal. I had set my self a small goal to lose 30 pounds before my birthday so as of today I have lost 31 pounds; I have achieved my small goal. There is still 52 days into my birthday so I’m going for it. I want to lose another 10 pounds before my birthday. Small goals feel so amazing when we achieve them. So I hope everyone achieves there goal this week. Have a wonderful weekend everyone

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Stress = No Motivation

My motivation  is missing  :-( 
This past week its been so stressful with my work schedule changing the way its been it has my whole body and energy level thru the ruff . All my meal planing has gone out the window and my body is really feeling it. I just been so tired with not wanting to do anything. Today has been the worst day of them all. I know I have a weight in tomorrow. I'm hopping the results are not as bad. Even thought I haven't been doing what i need to be doing but when you go from working 6 to 2 for the most part to working 10 pm to 6 am. it sucks and its making my healthy life change almost impossible. I don't want to feel like once again i failed but this work schedule is really messing with me I don't get much sleep and because of the lack of sleep i have no energy to work out.I cant give up on my weight loss I just cant do that to my self ... The only thing left to do is look for another job that has more of a set schedule. because this bouncing around and never not  knowing what my week is going to look like its killing me. its hard to plan your life around your work when you don't know what your work schedule would look like the next week . To be honest I don't even think that is healthy. But that's life.... what makes you feel motivated when everything around you is so wrong ?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Frustration Ahead

                                                                    Frustration Ahead

Have you ever heard that your mind can be your worst enemy? That’s just how I feel right about now or ever since I got the news that my work schedule was going to change to Night audit meaning I will be going from working 6 am to 2 pm to working 10pm to 6 am. My whole eating habits and working out schedules will have to change dramatically in the next couple of days. I finally felt that I was getting on track of all my eating and working habits but what’s going too happened now.

Trying to keep a positive attitude and not lose my focus , I have been down this road before and was one of the reasons I gain a lot of weight when you don’t have a set schedule can really hurt on this journey of weight loss ,so you can understand my frustration. Hopefully I am just being little negative and the out come will be different this time. Weight loss is a heard journey with a lot of temptation and set back.

Start Over With Every Day

If you have started out in pursuit of your goal
And you have really tried with your heart and your soul,
But somehow things got out of control

When you have tried your best to do what you should
And you thought this time that you surely would,
But once again, you did not do good

When you have worked so hard to follow a dieters way
And you fought to win a victory each day.
But one more time you went astray

When you have tried so hard to yourself to be true
And do the things that you know you should do,
But once again you failed to come through

When the road to success seemed much too long
And each temptation was oh so strong
And once again you gave in to wrong

When you have told your friends what you planned to do
And trusted them to help you through
But soon discovered it is up to you

When you know you must be physically fit,
But your hope seems gone and you are stuck in a pit
That is not the time for you to quit

When the week seems long and successes few
And at weigh in time you are feeling blue,
Remember tomorrow is just for you

To start again means a victory is been won
And starting over again means a race well run
And starting over again proves it can be done
So do not just sit there

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Just one pound at  a time can mean a lot at the end!!!

Just One Pound!!!!

Hello, do you know me?
If you don't, you should. I'm a pound of fat,
And I'm the HAPPIEST pound of fat that you would ever want to meet.
Want to know why?
It's because no one ever wants to lose me;
I'm ONLY ONE POUND, just a pound!
Everyone wants to lose three pounds, five pounds, or fifteen pounds, but never only one.
So I just stick around and happily keep you fat.
Then I add to myself, ever so slyly, so that you never seem to notice it.
That is, until I've grown to ten, twenty, thirty or even more pounds in weight.
Yes, it's fun being ONLY ONE POUND OF FAT, left to do as I please.
So, when you weigh in, keep right on saying, "Oh, I only lost one pound."
For you see, if you do this, you'll encourage others to keep me around because they'll think I'm not worth losing.
And, I love being around you - your arms, your legs, your chin, your hips and every part of you.
Happy Days!!!
After all, I'm ONLY ONE POUND OF FAT!!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Determination today leads to success tomorrow!

Success is not a race, be patient.
Success leads to success.
Success is always a work in progress.
Success doesn't come to you--you go to it.
Success is a journey, not a destination. Focus on the process.
Some people dream about success... while others wake up and work hard at it.
Success is achieved and maintained by those who try-and keep trying.
Everyday is a good day to SUCCEED!
If at first you don't succeed-try, try again

It has not been such a good past week emotional and healthy wise for me I'm sad to admit I have gain 2 pounds :-). To some people 2 pounds is not a big difference but to be or to anyone on a weight loss journey  mean a lot. This wont stop me to obtain my goal It actually motivates me to be more determine  to reach my goal. I was told that  little steps are better then big impossible jump so that's what I'm going to do take it in little steps. I want to lose 10 before my birthday so that gives me 63 days to achieve  a loss of 10 pounds . I know I can do it !!!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful

Very excited to update on my weight loss, I have been doing so good that I can’t help but share my excitement with my blog. So about 8 weeks I decided that I had let my self go way to much and decided that once and for all I need a change for my self and my health . Even thought I don't  have a problem with being a plus size women I believe that a person weight does not make them  or stop them I'm achieving anything they  want in life , but as I'm getting older and irresponsible I wanted to take responsibility for my weight. I have the most amazing little girl. I need to be as healthy as I can be so I can be around for many years to come to see her become wonderful independent women. I don't have any health issues as of right now but I don't want to take that risk later on in life. Back to my UPDATE!!! In 8 weeks I have lost a total of 26 pounds and I couldn't be happier!!!!! It has not been easy but where there is no pain no game right..... LOL….  I been working out about 5 times a week and eating right. Making little changes has taking me a long way. I couldn't be more proud of my self. A friend of mind asked me today maybe that one thing that motivated me to write on my blog. She had very direct questions that kind of toke me a couple of min to think about it. She said all this healthy eating and working out has to do with you trying to become beautiful right? As I have mention in my blog before this change is for me. Not because someone called me fat not because I want my boyfriend to love me more or not because I want to make other people happy. The change is only for me. Sometimes your friends can actually me your worst enemies. Sometimes is better to keep weight loss to your self because there is always going to be those people that hate to see other people happy. In my case there is nothing more I like to see then my family and friends doing good for them self’s I guess that not always the case. I was kind of upset knowing this was kind of a low question or comment. But I still answered the question. (No I'm doing this because I want to have a healthy life style!) I have always been My Own Kind Of Beautiful!!!! .
Being a size 2 or a size 22 does not define me as a person. I will not allow my weight define who I am because I know I will always BE MY OWN KIND OF BEAUTIFUL :-)