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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Big Sexy!

Big Sexy!
I have to say that might be one of my favorite reality show, and YES! It’s only be on for one episode. I know I will relate to some of the thing they come across. It’s very hard being plus size women; we come across so much judgment so much criticized specially from society and even family. One thing I have a hard time understanding is why do people relate to being thin to being beautiful or sexy? I believe Sexy is being confident, loving your self for who you are not for what the scale might tell you. One of the girls on the show said that her parent’s believe being plus size is being unhealthy. I can so relate to that EVERYONE that I have crossed paths in one way or other have question by health just because I'm a plus size women or big girl as I have been told many times. To a point that I stared to think that it was true. How could I be healthy being so big? Sometime no matter how confident a person is there is always someone telling them other wise. So I got the courage to make a doctor appoiment to once and  for all either realized I had health problems or was I healthy as any one can be , waiting for the results was a drag after 2 whole weeks My test came back I'm perfectly healthy!!! I don’t even have cholesterol hahaha. So that goes to show that NOT every big girl walking down the street is unhealthy. Now you might ask why you are in a journey to weight loss. Very easy to explain I’m not so much looking to be thin because I will probably never will be a size 2 or a 10 for that matter I have curves and I love them! I am in a journey to a healthy lifestyle more active life style. Even if I stay the same sizes that I am right now I will be happy, because my weight does not define me as a person, Love your self for big, small, medium, any size. Don’t let your size define who you are.

                                                   Rain of Stars    

Saturday, August 6, 2011

What do you see ??????????

What do you see when you look  into a mirror? Do you see a beautiful women or a handsome man? Do you see a person with character? Do you see Family resemblances? Do you see a stranger?Do you hate what you see? Beauty IS in the eye oh the beholder!that is why is so important to like what you see when you look at your own reflection in a mirror! Dont be so hard on your self that you fail to see the real person that reflected there. Its very easy to let society's values help determine your own self-esteem. Look  for the truth about the person you see in the mirror. Look at the eyes and the smile.Is that person happy with themselves and bring happiness back into your face. and work on it! I contend that too many plus size people hide behind their  size.It becomes the catch all to what is wrong with other areas of ones life.have you ever said or thought.......... "If only I weren't overweight, I would be able to..... you fill in the blanks.The truth is, YOU can do or be whatever you want if you have the right attitude and willing to work on it, For many years I myself, hated to  look into a mirror I would think, God, Im FAT!!!!! I'm Not aging Graceffuly!I used to be Pretty!!! Why would anyone want me ??????
I have learned that once i began to accept myself and like who I am as a person,that my perception of myself and appearence changed.I no longer think negatively as i looked into the mirror.It is merely a snapshot of my physical appearence at any given  moment. I look into a mirror to see if my6 clothes are straight or if my hair or makeup needs fixed.I look and see smilling eyes  and lip. AndI have learned that the true reflection of me as a person can be seen in theyeys of those who love me!
What do you see when you look into a mirror?what do you need to accept or chance? Tell me what you see, think and feel............

How Do YOU Eat an Elephant?

How do you eat an elephant? 
One bite at a time.
How do you lose daunting amounts of weight?
One pound at a time will get you there.
No big plans. No hosting challenges. No sprint to a deadline.

I came across this about a week ago and felt like it was screaming my name. (Strange I know)
I have tried everything and anything to lose weight I have gain threw the years, with everything that everyone had to give me or suggested to drink take pills I mean EVERYTHING!
I would lose some weight just to go back to my old habits, old habits meaning gaining all the weight back and some more. I have come to realize that there is no easy fix or a magic pill that is going to make me skinny. I also realize that all those years  I was on a path of weight lost for all the wrong reason and that was a big wake up call this time around is different I feel different I don’t want to lose weight for another person or to please any one but my self to be honest with you I don’t want to be skinny I want to be HEALTHY. I don’t need to be a size 5 to be happy all I'm actually looking to become is a healthy person with healthy habits. For me it’s not about looking like society wants I to look its more about feeling great even if I stay a plus size woman. The weight I want to lose is to be healthy and have a more active life for Me.
                                                                                         Rain Of Stars :-)