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Sunday, November 6, 2011

New Start!!!

I have found a new job I have been going thru so much at my old job that i decided i need a new start.
This past week I have been so stressed that I haven't worked out or have been watching my calories or my diet for that matter. I should NOT use that as excuse for not doing my  part on what i have to do. I feel very bad that I have not been taking care of my diet or my work out  program. I promise I will be better this week. Sometimes I feel like it one week does not work for you then try again the next week, Its always a new week to change things from the last week, that's all I can actually do at this point, I'm not giving up on my goal. I wont  give up. So back to my new job, I did it!!!!! I got the job  that I have been wanting for so long.
Staring tomorrow I will start working in a totally different field and totally new people just a fresh start. I can wait!!!! Hopefully  I will get a good night of sleep so  I can wake up fresh and ready to learn, training will be for the next 5 weeks, then after that i will be on the job. So now my promise is that I will have a great week! I see a great week ahead . Great job and great Healthy eating are heading my way. I hope everyone  is having a wonderful weekend. And start a wonderful Week with positive thinking!

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